CFG Cylinder Care & Maintenance

Use of Cylinder:

  1. Never force the key into the cylinder.
  2. Never use damaged or bent keys.
  3. Only turn the key when it is fully inserted into the cylinder.
  4. Do not use any aids to increase the torque on the key.
  5. Use the handle to open and close the door, NOT the key.
  6. Do not exert lateral forces on the key.



The cylinder you have purchased contains components manufactured from brass and/or steel. Insertion of the key will cause friction as the ridges defined by the key cut, provides movement of the pins inside the cylinder body.In order to ensure continued smooth operation, and years of trouble free operation, it is essential that the cylinder is lubricated. The frequency of lubrication is based on how often the cylinder operated, please see the table below for the required lubrication:

Cylinder Usage

Lubrication Frequency

Cylinders with an average of +100 key operations per day


Cylinders with an average of 50-99 key operations per day


Cylinders with an average of 10-49 key operations per day

Six Monthly

Cylinders with an average of 1-9 key operations per day



Lubrication Specification:

Carl F Groupco can supply a specialist lubricant which will protect and clean the cylinder mechanism.

Part No: CES Spray

Do not use oil, oil based products, graphite or products similar to WD40.


Surface finish:

Clean the surface of the cylinder with a clean, damp cloth. Do not use detergent or a solvent based cleaner.