Glazpart Flat Packer Box - Single Size (1000)

Glazpart Flat Packer Box - Single Size (1000)

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  • Widths= 24mm or 28mm
  • Individual size = 1mm (Green), 2mm (Black), 3mm (White), 4mm (Grey), 5mm (Blue) and 6mm (Red)
  • Colour coded by size
  • Individual bags of 100
  • Boxed in 10x100



Packer’s are important to install windows professionally, as they are designed in cooperation with window manufacturers often for the specific window profile to work safely over its guaranteed period.

The design, hardness and compatibility of packers is key to performance of their designed role. The construction of the packer and it’s compatibility with the rest of the frame materials is important that is why our materials are tested and developed with window system designers and are manufactured from prime materials, to exacting hardness and dimensional tolerances.

Location is also key and they should be used a minimum of 30mm from the frame corners.

But what does the packer do?

As support blocks they carry the load of the glazed unit and spread that into the base frame profile.

As location blocks they ensure the glazed unit is plumb and square to the frame and are used in certain window types as support blocks to hinge and locking points.

They increase security around fixing points to prevent the deflection of the frame extrusion. Packers are designed to work with Bridge packers to maintain drainage and ventilation in the window frame rebate.

Packers are also used to Toe and heel glazed units, doors, bi fold and patio door sets.

The Glazpart Flat packes are supplied as 24mm or 28mm widths in the following sizes:

  • 1mm Green
  • 2mm Black
  • 3mm White
  • 4mm Grey
  • 5mm Blue
  • 6mm Red

To save waste on site, the are bagged in 100's and supplied in boxes of 1,000 (10 bags of 100).