Strand Antipanic Exit Hardware Care & Maintenance

As recommended by Strand Hardware Limited:


Maintenance of exit devices

Weekly and Monthly Inspections
These should be carried out on a regular basis – see details in the “Maintenance Logbook” which should be dated and signed by an authorised person.


Schedule of Maintenance of panic exit devices

At least once a month
(a) A visual inspection and operation of the device to ensure that all components are working correctly.
(b) Ensure latches are fully extended when in the closed position and that all latches are in good contact with strikers.
(c) Check tightness of screws, in particular the screws used to fix strikers.

At least every three months
(d) Check operation several times with door open, then closed to ensure that all components are working correctly.
(e) Ensure that all the strikers are free from any obstruction and that all latches move freely and pass by the striker when operated.
(f) Check for any loose components. Tighten if necessary.

At least every six months
(g) Remove covers from all mechanisms and latches and apply grease to all exposed moving parts.
(h) Check tightness of all fixing screws.
(i) Attention should be given to adjustments where necessary to compensate for door or frame movement.
(j) Check operation of the device with covers removed for any obstructions.
(k) Replace all covers.
(l) Check tightness of all other screws.
(m) Check rod covers for tightness.


Note: When exit devices are fitted in an exposed position or in a building where chemicals, solvents or acids are used, the frequency of maintenance inspections and lubrication should be increased.