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Product View - Siegenia TITAN axxent 24+ Tilt & Turn Hardware

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Siegenia TITAN axxent 24+ Tilt & Turn Hardware

  • Espagnolette Backset: 7 or 15mm
  • Sash Rebate Width: 230-1650mm
  • Sash Rebate Height: 260-3000mm
  • Max Sash Weight: 100-150kg
  • Faceplate width: 16mm eurogroove for PVC or aluminium, 24mm rebate width for timber or timber-aluminium

With an unobtrusive design and extremely low frame clearance, the TITAN axxent 24+ gearing can be used with narrow frame profiles in order to make maximum use of daylight. It is therefore in line with the current trend towards larger glazed areas, and makes for a pleasant feel inside the building.


The innovative hinge side boasts a high load-bearing capacity which means it can be used with sash weights of up to 150kg without the need of any additional parts. TITAN axxent 24+ is suitable for window sashes made of timber and timber-aluminium with a minimum 24mm rebate width, as well as PVC and aluminium sashes with a 16mm eurogroove.


The modular system allows standard and security hardware to be used with just the change of a keep.