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Product View - FUHR 833 Automatic Locking

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FUHR 833 Automatic Locking

  • 35, 40, 45 55 and 65mm backsets
  • 92mm PZ centre
  • Reversible latches
  • Locking points throw automatically on closing the door
  • Immediate security provided
  • Helps to prevent door warping
  • Night/Child proof lock with turn of key

The multisafe 833 is a reliable multipoint locking device, which combines automatic locking functionality to protect a property from unauthorised access from the moment the door is closed.

The lock also helps to prevent warping of doors by holding the door in place by all locking points rather than relying on the home owner to lift the lever.

On closing the door, the latches turn into solid latching deadbolts throwing 20mm into the frame to provide security against forced entry. Night/child proof the lock with a simple key turn, the interior lever is blocked and the main bolt locked.

Unlocking from the inside is easy by operating the lever handle. This is ideal when you are in a hurry, the door automatically locks on closing.

The multisafe 833 provides the perfect security for main entrance doors of residential or public buildings made of aluminium, composite, PVCu or timber.



  • Soft closing - high quality PVC inserts in the latching deadbolts lead to a noticeably smoother and quieter operation
  • Wear and stain resistant, durable and quiet because of the innovative magnetically triggered latching deadbolts
  • Noise reducing mechanism in the lock cases of the latching deadbolts for quiet operation
  • Easy to lock due to the increased angle on the reverse of the latches
  • Increased thermal insulation as the door is always locked by three locking points, applying pressure to weather seals reducing energy loss and prevents the door from warping.



  • Unlocking from the outside: Profile cylinder.
  • Locking by closing the door: The latching deadbolts automatically throw a full 20mm and remain blocked until operated.
  • Locking using the key: The main bolt can then be locked by a simple turn of the key, the handle is blocked as a control and as a child lock.
  • Opening via the hande: The door is unlocked by means of the handle, the latch and the latching deadbolts are retracted.
  • Opening via the profile cylinder: During the first step of operating by the key the latch deadbolts retract 10mm. After the second part of operation the latch and the latching deadbolts are completely retracted, the door can now be opened.