FUHR 10 Year Product Guarantee and Product Maintenance

Carl FUHR GmbH & Co. guarantee our Multisafe products for a period of ten years from the date of purchase subject only to the following:

In the event of a defect which affects the function of the product, that a product should be returned to Carl FUHR or to one of our official distributors, with supporting documentation. We will then provide a replacement. (If the particular product is no longer available, we reserve the right to provide a replacement product which we deem comparable in terms of quality and function).

Surface finish can only be guaranteed in the absence of aggressive coastal or industrial influence.

The product must have been installed and maintained according to the FUHR Product Information, below. This guarantee does not apply if the product has been misused or used in conjunction with a competitor's product.

Our liability according to this guarantee, is restricted to providing replacement of the individual product which has failed, up to the cost of the original. No claim for consequential loss or other costs will be considered.

Carl FUHR or its official distributor reserves the right to revocer any cost arising from false claims.

Terms of this guarantee do not affect the purchaser's statutory rights.



This information refers to FUHR Multisafe multi-point locking door bolts, with any of the following locking points:

  • latch and deadbolt or latch only


  • adjustable brass roller cams
  • adjustable steel mushrooms
  • swivel steel hooks
  • steel round bolts


FUHR Multisafe door locks are designed for use in residential hinged and sliding doors, constructed from timber, PVC-u, aluminium, steel or composite products, glazed, part-glazed, panelled or solid.


Multisafe locks must be correctly aligned within the leaf in relation to the frame. Locking plates must be correctly positioned on the frame and adjusted to take accound of any minor distortion between opening leaf and frame.


In order to enable the lock to operate correctly, the door must be correctly installed, vertical, plumb and square within the door opening. The frame must be fixed to the opening in accordance with the relevant standards and manufacturer's or system supplier's advice.


The locking mechanism is used to provide a weather-tight closure of the door, and can only be expected to perform if the door has been properly closed, with no obstruction, and all locking points fully engaged. Any obstruction between opening leaf and frame, or within the rebate between the two will negate this guarantee. To provide security against break-in, additional items may be required.


In order to ensure the ongoing performance of the door bolts, the door and locking mechanism must be properly maintained as follows:

All items must be checked regularly for security of fixing and wear. Fixing screws must be tightened, and worn parts replaced. In addition, contractors and users must carry out the following maintenance work at least once a year, and more frequently where appropriate. All moving parts must be checked for correct operation, cleaned and lubricated using light machine oil. Use only cleaning materials which do not impair anti-corrosion properties of the surface coating.


Any of the following actions could damage the products and would negate the product guarantee.

  • Placing of obstacles in the opening, preventing proper use of the door
  • Incorrect fitting and/or installation of the door, distorting the leaf or frame
  • Excessive loads in the door
  • Failure to maintain the product as indicated


NB It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all end users are instructed in the proper use of the locking mechanism