Women In Industry: Clare Crockett - Marketing Manager

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Clare Crockett - Marketing Manager

An article written for Clearview, May 2017.


1. Describe your current role – what do you enjoy most about it and what are the more challenging aspects of it?

As Marketing Manager for hardware distributor Carl F Groupco, I am responsible for managing the marcomms for all our brands, including Carl F Groupco, SmartSecure and Carl F direct. The scope of my role includes planning and strategy. I enjoy the variety of my work, which includes practical implementation of campaigns and close interaction with the rest of the team. As distributors of over 7,000 hardware products there is often a challenge presenting the diversity of the range, but with this comes the satisfaction of successfully showcasing our lines and service capabilities.


2. Explain your previous roles and qualifications, and how they lead to your current job – how has your previous experience benefitted the job you do now?

After graduation from Oxford Brookes University with a BA in Marketing Management in 2008 I became Marketing Assistant for, what was then, Carl F Petersen. I was heavily involved in the rebranding of Groupco and Carl F Petersen following the merger in 2010 which resulted in the formation of Carl F Groupco and that paved the way to my promotion to Marketing Manager.


3. What job did you aspire to have when you were at school?

At school I loved Business and Media Studies. For me, Marketing is a great combination of both of these disciplines where I get the best of both worlds. It’s great to be working at the forefront of Carl F Groupco’s strategy including creating the new brand SmartSecure and developing collateral to help achieve our business objectives. The marketing role fulfils the career path aspirations I had at school.


4. What challenges, if any, have you faced as a woman in the industry?

I wouldn't say that there are any particular challenges to face as a woman in this industry. Most organisations have women at senior levels and, as I look around me, 40% of the Carl F Groupco workforce is women, a number of whom are in senior positions.


5. Likewise, what opportunities are there for women coming into the industry and would you recommend it?

I would definitely recommend this industry to anyone; there are plenty of opportunities for good career paths. As long as you are passionate, committed and qualified there is scope to succeed.


6. What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a similar career?

My advice would be to know yourself and know your craft. It is also imperative to put customers at the heart of the matter. Be prepared to stand back from your work and be critical - don’t be afraid of inviting comment from colleagues and customers. Gender is not a barrier to career progression.


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