What’s hot for hardware

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The FUHR 881 supplied by Carl F Groupco

is one of the new generation of 

smart hardware products.

Smart tech such as fingerprint scanners are set to revolutionise the hardware sector.

Carl F Groupco takes a look at what’s hot for hardware. An overview of the products and innovations set to become increasingly more important in hardware discussions is provided, along with background on the developing trends. Among the up and coming topics predicted to be strong influencers for hardware purchases are smart technology and Approved Document Q. 


Smart Technology

It is predicted that major focus will be centred on smart technology in the next 12 months. Already most of the broadsheet papers are producing regular features based on the subject and high street magazines produce frequent home tech reviews and roundups. This, combined with increasing confidence in smart technology gained through contactless credit card systems and adoption of home automation through smart phones, is fuelling demand for advanced electronic hardware solutions.

The latest generation of smart hardware for the home offers high levels of convenience, energy conservation advantages and comprehensive security features...this is a very compelling offer for the home owner, which is triggering keen interest in new generation smart products.

The FUHR multitronic 881 fully motorised lock, available from Carl F Groupco for over 10 years, is a product that was ahead of its time and, as such, it is well established as a smart home innovation. Carl F Groupco advises that continuous development over the last decade positions the 881 as a premier solution; wireless power transfer between sash and frame prevents cable damage and the dual motor for powered locking and unlocking sets this product apart from competitors. A single radio key can be used to operate four different applications such as front door, garage door, light and driveway entrance. The traditional key is replaced by a fob with liberating results for the home owner. Additional access control includes a  fingerprint scanner for one of the most advanced access technologies plus SmartTouch, where a touch is all it needs to unlock and open a door and SmartConnect easy, which enables door opening with a smartphone, backed by a traditional door key for use in the event of a power cut.

Automatic Locking

Automatic multi-point locks are also attracting attention. Taking the FUHR 833 example supplied by Carl F Groupco, additional security is created by two latching deadbolts that simultaneously throw into action when the door is closed. A further benefit is the fact that the mechanism helps prevent warping of the door by engaging all locking points and holding the door in the correct position – this is a significant advantage specifically for composite doors and something Carl F Groupco believes will become of increasing interest to the industry. Locking the main deadbolt with a cylinder key ensures all locking mechanisms are activated while, at the same time, the operation of the interior lever is blocked.

Standards Significance


Carl F Groupco also predicts that 2016 will be a year when standards play a highly influential role in the hardware sector. Approved Document Q (ADQ), for example, the mandatory Security Building Regulation introduced by the Government on October 1st 2015, which focuses on security and applies to new dwellings, states that buildings must be designed and built to adequately prevent unauthorised access from outside the property, while providing a means of escape for safety, in line with future PAS 24 2015 requirements.

The company advises that the influence of ADQ will impact hardware suppliers as fabricators are likely to demand hardware which provides accredited security and support as they also make the transition to provide ADQ certified windows and doors. John Mitchell, Technical Manager for Carl F Groupco explains:

“Adopting one product as a standalone security solution isn’t going to provide complete protection or a full PAS 24 solution. It is imperative that hardware is tested alongside the full door assembly to ensure the door or window being supplied offers the level of security required by the builder and ADQ. This is set to have major impact on the industry, and is an area where distributors can really differentiate their service. Carl F Groupco already carries a full range of products suitable for the requirements of the new standards and is fully equipped to advise customers of their hardware needs.” 

Carl F Groupco concludes this report by advising that,  while there are some exciting trends on the horizon set to capture the imagination of the market in 2016 – particularly smart hardware,  main stay handle, hinge and locking lines will continue to form the backbone of its portfolio of over 5,000 window and door hardware products.


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