SmartSecure: Straightforward Sophistication

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Image shows the SmartTouch access system activated

by simply touching a sensor.

In this report for The Fabricator, Carl F Groupco reports that the industry is on the cusp of a major smart home technology revolution. To assist those working in the front line, this article sets out to provide an overview of the company’s SmartSecure brand, which offers a range of electronic door locking and smart access control solutions.

Incorporating state-of-the-art FUHR multitronic 881 locking technology, aesthetic, practical and technical benefits are offered across a wide-range of installations including housing associations, the growing retirement-living sector and care homes.

The traditional key is replaced with a range of access control options. ‘SmartConnect easy’ is an optional access control package using a smartphone: this intelligent WLAN-based system is a significant USP that provides keyless operation and monitoring. Sensor monitoring of door leaf and bolt position ensures complete peace of mind as locking status can be verified from any location, whenever required.

‘SmartTouch’ is a pioneering access system that is another SmartSecure option. Easy entry is enabled by simply touching a sensor. Using innovative technology, access is facilitated if an active, moving transponder is within range. For a stylish, concealed solution, the sensor can also be fitted within a pull handle.

Radio-based access control systems are also available including a radio keypad, transponder and fingerprint scanner for keyless biometric access control.

With strong security and safety benefits, SmartSecure has wide ranging appeal including the fact that doors are automatically locked on closing, which means that occupants are always secure. Phil Rice, Carl F Groupco’s Business Development Manager for SmartSecure explains:

“Importantly, FUHR multitronic 881 locking technology is a highly secure and reliable solution. With a patented twin motor, all locking points are secured in just seconds after closing the door. The multitronic 881 automatically locks the door to a maximum level of security, ensuring that human error is avoided and enabling the door locking status to be checked at any time.

“There are clearly significant benefits of SmartSecure to users, whether these are people living in ‘grand design’ properties with a desire for latest technology or in the retirement / care sector where safety, security and simplicity are key to its appeal.”

Straightforward Sophistication

It would be easy to think that with all this capability comes complexity of installation but Carl F Groupco emphasises that this is not the case, the company stresses that SmartSecure products are very simple to fit and technical experts are on hand to answer any questions. It is also stylish - all components can be concealed, which reduces the risk of tampering and, for total flexibility, the system can be integrated with existing access control or building management systems. The lock requires just four additional routings compared to a standard multipoint lock, this allows the transformer and cabling to be fully concealed into the frame. If any assistance is needed, the company is on hand to support – as with all Carl F Groupco’s hardware products, comprehensive service and technical assistance is readily available.

To demonstrate the sophistication and simplicity of SmartSecure, a high quality, professionally animated video has been commissioned.  The three minute film depicts the capabilities of the company’s state-of-the-art SmartSecure solutions for electronic door locking and smart access control. With particular focus on access control options, the video enables end-users to visualise the application, and advantages, of a SmartSecure installation in their home.  The video can be viewed on the SmartSecure website http://www.smartsecure.co.uk or via the Carl F Groupco YouTube channel.

Carl F Groupco encourages anyone working in the fenestration sector to visit their stand at the forthcoming FIT Show. The company is putting significant effort into creating hands-on demonstration areas where visitors can, without obligation, experience the capabilities of SmartSecure.

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