SmartSecure from Carl F Groupco: state-of-the-art access control

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Phil Rice, Carl F Groupco SmartSecure Business

Development Manager

In this report for The Fabricator, Phil Rice, Business Development Manager for SmartSecure - Carl F Groupco’s new smart door locking and access control brand, confirms the high levels of security afforded by the new generation keyless technology.


“For hundreds of years people have turned keys to secure their locks and, as a result, this process has been deeply ingrained in our psyche.  However, our attitudes, and confidence in, keyless technology has come on leaps and bounds with the proven abilities of smart systems for cars.


Today, very few people use a traditional key to open their car doors or start their engines and use of a fob has become second nature. The electronic evolution is now gathering pace in the UK’s door industry with widespread recognition of its convenience, energy conservation and enhanced security benefits.


There are a number of ways in which SmartSecure provides security advantages. Importantly, the FUHR multitronic 881 locking technology that is at the heart of the solution automatically locks all points by a patented twin motor, securely and reliably in just seconds after closing the door… this means there are no nagging doubts as to whether a door has been locked and increased protection against intruders is afforded. Additionally, the multitronic 881 automatically locks the door to a maximum level of security which avoids human errors and enables the door locking status to be checked at any time.


An illuminated light on the inside of the door is not the only indicator that the lock is engaged, locking status can also be identified via bus systems connected to modern building services, or building management systems if required. Sensor monitoring of door leaf and bolt position is also available with the ‘SmartConnect easy’ app based control, this means locking status verification and reliable display can be provided at any time, from any location.


State-of-the-art Security

The all-inclusive SmartSecure multitronic 881 kit includes harmonised lock, patented twin motorised drive mechanism, concealed transformer, wireless power transfer between frame and sash and full range of accessory components. Pre-assembled plug-in connectors ensure easy mounting.


As well as radio key fobs supplied as standard, additional SmartSecure radio-based access control systems are available to meet consumer demand for state-of-the-art solutions. With a strong security benefit, a radio fingerprint scanner provides keyless biometric access control with 2-channel opening technology. A radio keypad allows users to open doors with two individually-selectable 4 to 8 digit codes and a radio transponder reader option enables easy, and secure, door opening.


Smart access technologies within the range are  ‘SmartConnect easy’, an app based access control as previously mentioned. In addition to this, ‘SmartTouch comfort’ is pioneering access control technology designed to make life more convenient for users of the multitronic 881. All you need is an active transponder in your pocket – you can then open the door just by moving towards it and gently touching a sensor. All these variants were demonstrated at the FIT Show drawing large numbers of people to the Carl F Groupco stand.


The reliability of the multitronic 881 has been independently verified. Numerous tests have confirmed a consistently high locking force. Depending on the lock type, system tests can be carried out to EN 1627 class 4 resistance. Add to this the fact that the lock mechanics have been tested to 200,000 cycles and the patented twin motor has been tested to 500,000 cycles, and the result is a smart locking solution that offers the highest levels of security.”


For more details on the FUHR multitronic 881 lock, please click here.

Or you can visit our dedicated SmartSecure website for detailed information on the whole range.


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