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An article written for Glass News, April 2020 


With a strong reputation for partnerships with leading manufacturers and a track record for being at the forefront of latest trends, hardware distributor Carl F Groupco ensures that a comprehensive range of quality fittings are featured in its catalogue to support sliding and bi fold doors. In this report for Glass News, Carl F Groupco’s Technical Manager John Mitchell focusses on the company’s long standing relationship with Siegenia that spans over twenty years and the products offered that support this growing market.

“The Siegenia Group has a 100 year history producing a wide ranging portfolio including products for the bi fold and sliding door sector. Siegenia’s focus on developing solutions that fully utilise space is aligned to Carl F Groupco’s philosophy of working with customers to consider the wider needs of their projects.  As Siegenia observes, assessing the needs of spaces and addressing these with a system solution ensures that the needs of the occupants are fully met, and doors play a key role in achieving this.

Within Carl F Groupco’s catalogue of over 7,000 product lines, we are proud to supply Siegenia’s Portal high performance systems. With an opening width of up to 12 m and a total width of up to 19.8 m, HS Portal hardware helps to create contemporary, adaptable solutions.

To quote Siegenia, ‘a simple movement of the hand is enough to make the glass boundaries between the inside and outside disappear’. Large-scale Portal elements mean doors practically "vanish into thin air" and, thanks to their ease of use, the fittings also greatly increase operating comfort. By selecting different opening types, premises can be individually customised.

HS Portal

HS Portal lift-slide technology is a flagship product for Siegenia. The sophisticated solution, which has benefitted from decades of development, can operate sash weights for timber, PVCu and aluminium doors up to 400 kg safely, conveniently and effortlessly. Design simplicity is combined with sophistication – the HS Portal gearing enables the lift and slide door to be operated with just one finger. Additionally, wheels easily clear gaskets which avoid friction in the sliding motion, making opening and closing the door virtually effortless. An optional electronic opening device aids easy operation.

A high level of basic security is provided as standard and it is upgradable to PAS 24.

Latest advancements include a soft close damper, which is a safe solution for the simple operation of lift-slide systems. The innovative function, which can be invisibly integrated into the sash, consists of a guiding rail and a damper which gently brakes the sash just before the end position and then pulls it shut automatically.


The performance of the HS Portal has been further enhanced with Siegenia’s introduction of ECO PASS to maximise light in the living space. The ECO PASS features a sophisticated 10 chamber profile designed to provide outstanding thermal insulation which complies with the principles of green building.  The product’s single-piece construction, with integrated reinforcements, offers considerable design advantages – it ensures total stability and significantly reduces manufacturing times.  Within the range, ECO PASS SKY and ECO PASS SKY PLUS permit fixed sash glazing right down to the level of the threshold and even into the threshold.


Catering for the bi fold market is Siegenia’s FS Portal PLUS system. At Carl F Groupco, we believe that bi fold doors are all about giving home owners choice of configuration. Designed to cater for all options, and offering inward and outward opening variants, FS Portal PLUS gives maximum flexibility; it also meets the needs of aluminium, PVCu and timber profiles. As well as catering for the home owners’ increasing desire for innovative door designs, the FS Portal PLUS system boasts a number of features that appeal to fabricators and installers. For example, the opening on the track is covered by an integrated brush seal along its complete length – not only does this keep the track free of dust and other debris, but the installation also looks neat and tidy.

In this article the spotlight has been placed on Siegenia, other solutions provided by Carl F Groupco for the sliding door market include our own SmartSecure electronic door locking and access control brand.

Bi fold and sliding doors are a significantly expanding market – with our established partnerships including Siegenia and in-house developments, the team at Carl F Groupco is well placed to respond to hardware enquiries and look at the bigger picture of your brief. We provide tailored solutions with the technical back-up and responsiveness you need to support your buyers, installers and end users.”