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The Ingenious Duplex door lock range

Hardware distributor Carl F Groupco advises that the fittings industry is one of evolution rather than revolution. While design and ergonomic improvements are continually made, this is not a market for gimmicks. The company reports that a significant part of achieving recognition as a leader in the hardware sector is providing quality solutions that have been fully tested to meet the requirements of this demanding industry.

In this report Windows Active, John Mitchell Technical Manager at Carl F Groupco provides an update on the impending Approved Document Q building regulation that is set to impact the UK's hardware industry.

“On 1st October this year the government will introduce a mandatory Security Building Regulation requirement – Approved Document Q, which applies to new dwellings. With focus on protection, the requirement states that the building must be designed and built to adequately prevent unauthorised access from outside the property, while providing a means of escape for safety.

The new Approved Document Q directive is based on the stipulations of British Standard PAS 24 which sets standards for door and window assemblies.

Changes in building regulations outlined in Approved Document Q relate to security on windows and doors which are easily accessible in new build dwellings and where planning permission is approved after October 2015.

These projects must comply with the Approved Document Q requirements for security, which to many may seem daunting.Carl F Groupco has always placed high priority on the security features of the hardware lines that we distribute and we make the matter a top priority when it comes to our hardware recommendations to fabricators. We work hard to take the pain out of planning ensuring that we are fully au fait with standards that impact the hardware sector. We also have access to leading technical experts both via our manufacturer suppliers and industry bodies... this means we are well placed to advise our customers.  

Large Selection

We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of PAS 24 and Secured by Design approved products to the UK market to fully furnish windows and doors. Principle lines include the FUHR door lock range which features secure locking points. Carl F Groupco’s bestselling door lock is the FUHR 856 Type 3 product which comprises two hooks, two rollers, reversible latch and deadbolt. FUHR MultiSafe multi-point door locks are renowned for their ease of use, reliability and durability. Fully tested to PAS 24, where security is a greater concern on main residential doors, the Secured by Design accredited FUHR 856 Type 3 is recommended: the hooks engage in pressed steel locking keeps which are profile related to securely fit the profile.

We place prime importance on the security performance of products when selecting new suppliers and PAS 24 was a primary requirement when sourcing the new Ingenious door locks. The Duplex range offers significant additional security with bi-directional double hook locking points, which not only resist attack but will provide peace of mind to the home owner.

The Hoppe PAS 24 door handle with Secured by Design and two star TS 007 rating is another premium security product designed to visually and physically resist attack achieving well in excess of the required three minutes carried out in the PAS 24 test. The handle protects the cylinder against snapping and core extracting.  By matching this handle with the CFG1* cylinder, 3* TS 007 accreditation and security is achieved. Thumb turn cylinders are required in the new standard to ensure escape in an emergency.

Another line worthy of highlighting in this report is Patriot Plus door hinges which provide PAS 24 security with a patented anti-lift feature and additional location pins to reduce twist. Hinges should be fitted with additional hinge side security with Dog Bolts to further protect against manipulation. This is a relatively low cost security add on which doesn’t impact the opening and closing performance of the door.

It should be emphasised that these are just some examples of our product lines and using one product as a standalone security solution isn’t going to provide complete protection or indeed a full PAS 24 solution. Hardware should be tested alongside the full door assembly to ensure that the door or window being supplied offers the level of security required by the builder and Approved Document Q.”

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