Predictions January 2018

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John Crittenden, Managing Director of Carl F Groupco reports the

company is set to continue to support all hardware requirements

and expand the sales base for SmartSecure.

An article written for Clearview, January 2018.


2017 was a significant year for SmartSecure, our electronic locking and access control brand. At the forefront of Smart Tech, the brand will continue to differentiate our hardware supply service enabling us to offer all important high-end technology as part of tailored solutions.


We are set to continue to expand SmartSecure’s sales base with continued contract wins. Early interest that has converted to sales has come from across the fabrication market and Housing Associations, who recognise benefits across different access control applications and simplicity of configuration for ease of integration.


And, from our range of over 7,000 products, we will continue to cater for all hardware requirements, including the growing added-value market e.g. aluminium.


As we face the implications of post Brexit trading, we are working hard to minimise impact on our customers and will continue to do what we do best, namely service, delivery, partnerships and accessible technical support.


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