Opening Doors: Access Control in The Domestic Sector

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The domestic access control market offers major potential.

An article written for Glass and Glazing Products, June 2017.

Access control technology has been adopted in industrial and commercial buildings for decades and has evolved to create hugely complex and effective systems to suit the fast-moving pace of business. What is intriguing is the relatively slow transition into residential property. However, as Phil Rice, Carl F Groupco’s Business Development Manager for SmartSecure explains in this article, the potential in the domestic sector is about to be realised.


“The application of, and confidence in, smart solutions in the industrial sector abounds – everywhere we look in the commercial market we see its adoption.

So, why has the domestic sector been slow on the uptake?

One important reason is perception:  the general public often aren’t aware that access control can be simply incorporated into their front door.

All this is changing, interest in Smart Tech is increasing and this is reflected in the number of articles published on the subject, and the exhibitions that are dedicated to the topic, or incorporate it within their remit. We are all familiar with the features regularly appearing in the national press - a simple google search provides numerous articles on the subject.

Smart Technology is also a hot topic at many current events, not least the FIT Show. Outside the glass and glazing industry, there is the Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Summit, now in its third year in London:  a number of high profile brand names backing the event confirm the importance of the subject of intelligent connected living. And, with powerful influencers like Grand Designs promoting Smart Tech, it is clear that we are on the cusp of its more widespread adoption in the home.

People will always want to ensure only those they trust can enter their home: what is evolving is how access is granted.  And, as we rely increasingly on Smart Home technology, the security of the systems in place is becoming more important than ever before.  

At Carl F Groupco, we believe that development and simplification of access control are key to meeting the needs of the home owner. Intuitive design and application is essential: this is the way Smart Tech will move forward in the domestic market.

Access control has worked in the commercial sector since the 1960’s and has effectively eliminated the problems relating to the loss of keys and the issues associated with instant barring of access to unwanted visitors. Although ideal for business, entry systems such as swipe cards are not quite slick enough to enhance our experience of entering our homes, and houses aren’t built with the infrastructure required to support and run commercial systems. Addressing this, Smart Tech has allowed access control products normally associated with commercial buildings to be simplified to suit the domestic market.

Domestic Demand

The domestic access control market is in its infancy, but growing fast. The major opportunity comes from the lack of access control currently in residential properties. With 28.1 million houses in the UK and a Government pushing to build 250,000 new homes a year, the scope is clear to see.
It’s also clear that the retrofit market is buoyant, with DIY installs on the up. The first fit market for people buying new doors is expanding too, with more and more door manufacturers offering a ‘Smart’ solution.

As one of the UK's leading distributors of window and door hardware it’s imperative that we stay ahead of the curve. Our dedication to having a specialist SmartSecure brand means we can provide expert guidance on this developing market, and supply products and services to suit.  We have utilised Smart Tech to offer the simplified solutions that home owners need - the development of access via mobile with the SmartSecure option SmartConnect and concealed solutions, such as SmartTouch, have made accessing homes much more convenient.

For a hands-on demonstration, and to have your questions answered about the latest in electronic door locking and access control solutions, visit the purpose-built SmartSecure showroom and training centre at Carl F Groupco’s UK distribution and administration offices in Peterborough. Alternatively, we have a display at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre (NSBRC) in Swindon, the UK’s only permanent venue designed to support the self-build, renovation and home improvement markets.

These are exciting times for the growth of smart solutions: anyone interested in any aspect of the new generation smart access control locking solutions is invited, without obligation, to call our office to speak to one of our technical advisors.”


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