Glass News Voice of the Industry - November 2018

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John Crittenden, Managing Director


2019 promises to be an interesting year!  In or out of Europe?  Paying silly money in the £billions to the EEC whether we stay or go, and £billions in overseas aid.  You’ve set your budget for your business:  what do you think 2019 will do for you, your business and the country?


John's Answer:

The year ahead will be undeniably challenging due to Brexit but I don’t believe in procrastinating or wasting energy on the ‘what ifs’.  

As a hardware distributor, the big issue is maintaining our standards for On Time In Full deliveries.

We have a high level of customer trust and to ensure our service levels don’t drop we are liaising with our European suppliers and we will hold additional stock.

We already keep £3million in stock and we are committed to holding an extra 33% (£1million) dependent upon the deal, if any, that is struck before the March deadline. The extent of this commitment is more than just the value in stock:  sourcing additional storage and funds is massive, but something we are willing to do to ensure the ongoing, consistent supply of hardware to our fabricator partners.

It is essential that the service our customers have come to expect isn’t compromised and this will be a key focus for Carl F Groupco in 2019.