Fit and forget Ingenious guarantee from Carl F Groupco

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An impressive ten year Fit and Forget guarantee is provided by

Carl F Groupco for Ingenious multi-point door locks.

A ten year ‘Fit & Forget’ guarantee offered by Carl F Groupco for Ingenious’ Duplex and Professional multi-point door locks supports the distributor’s emphasis on service, reinforces the quality of the products and underlines the hardware supplier’s confidence in the range.


As part of the guarantee for Ingenious’ lines, comprehensive support includes a dedicated on-the-road technician, in-house training for fabricators and fitters, if required, full guidance or management of testing requirements and complete support through change over.


Expanding on the company’s commitment to the guarantee, and its benefits to customers, John Mitchell, Technical Manager for Carl F Groupco said:


“We go the extra mile to differentiate our service and offering a ten year guarantee for the Ingenious lines supports this philosophy. Customers have been particularly impressed by our capabilities which, in conjunction with Ingenious, provide full guidance and project management if security testing is required. Barriers to adopting a new lock are often the corresponding paperwork and hurdles such as testing. By assisting in processes we are increasing the appeal of Ingenious’ locks. ”


Carl F Groupco is renowned in the hardware supplier sector for its service and this is reinforced by the ten year Ingenious Fit & Forget guarantee.  The Duplex and Professional door locks provide a full range of options for PVC, timber and composite doors.


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