Carl F Groupco’s SmartSecure show stopper

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John Crittenden, Managing Director Carl F Groupco launches

the company’s SmartSecure smart lock brand

Stand number: 226, Hall 2
As one of the most significant advancements in the recent history of hardware, smart locking is the technology that anyone visiting the FIT Show wanting to develop their business should pay keen attention to.


Carl F Groupco is at the forefront of the electronic era with the launch of SmartSecure: a new brand centred on a high quality FUHR solution. Successfully combining simplicity with sophistication the brand focus is on an easy-to use and fit, energy conserving solution with comprehensive security features. As such, Carl F Groupco is one of the voices of the forthcoming show that people should pay attention to.



Commenting on the prestigious new brand revealed, Carl F Groupco Managing Director, John Crittenden said:

“We work hard at differentiating our company with quality products backed by all important technical support. As one of the sector’s veteran organisations, we have stood true to our values. We invest heavily in our staff believing that people are the core of customer service. We have paid keen attention to offering fully-fledged support service and developing partnerships with manufacturers to represent the companies, and their products, fully. Partnership is our by-word, and this extends to our long-standing customer relationships.


But veteran doesn’t mean we are by any means a staid or static organisation. At Carl F Groupco we provide a comprehensive portfolio of exceptional hardware lines – with over 5,000 products you can be assured that we cater for all your window and door fitting needs.


It is very important to state we are not about being just a high volume, box shifting operation – we are here to provide a tailored service to work long-term with customers to offer solutions for today, and tomorrow. As such, the smart technology evolution is one that we are investing heavily in as the industry is on the cusp of something very big with the locking element playing a pivotal role.


We are extremely proud of the FUHR multitronic 881 lock that has been part of our range for over ten years. With this extremely high quality, German manufactured locking system we are embracing the electronic revolution and through it we are reinforcing our position as one of the industry’s pioneers. The FIT Show is the perfect platform for the new brand launch.


It is impossible to understate the impact of smart systems and the importance of getting on board early – with widespread interest in the technology across the building industry including residential and care home applications, architects aren’t the only people to sit up and take notice.


We can’t stress enough the importance of taking time at the FIT Show to see our in-situ demonstrations. You will also be able to talk to our in-house experts who are completely au fait with the technology having had comprehensive training by FUHR in Germany. But fear not, you won’t be blinded by science…we know your challenges and the constraints on your time – we believe in listening to your needs and providing straightforward solutions.”


Other range additions and advancements

With an impressive 80 sq metre stand designed to showcase a new product innovation on every corner, other reasons that Carl F Groupco is one of the most important exhibitor voices of the FIT Show include its practical, hands on displays of the following:


Document Q and TS 007 – dedicated display.
Accessible windows – low handle height and remote window control illustrated, equally advantageous for high level windows.
New flush casement window by Rehau with PN hardware
MACO flood door – fully accredited door hardware which engages flood defence on standard locking.
FUHR 833 – an automatic multi-point lock attracting significant attention: additional security is created by two simultaneously thrown, latching deadbolts.
Duplex – the pioneering door lock offering five hook locking points.


With so much on show, and so much to say, Carl F Groupco is a not-to-be-missed stand at this year’s FIT Show.


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