Carl F Groupco’s FIT Show Success

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Visitors to the Carl F Groupco stand at the FIT Show 2017.

High quality visits from decision makers, the launch of System 700 – Roto / PN’s new fully reversible hardware, freshly baked cookies and SmartSecure developments showcased on the stand combined to make this year’s FIT Show extremely successful for Carl F Groupco.


The show marked the first anniversary of SmartSecure since its launch at last year’s ‘FIT’. As part of the anniversary achievements, Carl F Groupco has achieved its goal of providing a smart hardware hub based on its electronic locking and smart access solutions.


Commenting, Carl F Groupco’s Managing Director, John Crittenden said:


“We are very much about personalised service and support. The FIT Show is therefore the ideal opportunity for us to meet up with our existing clients and showcase our range to potential customers. The exhibition also offers the chance for people to try our products and technology – this is particularly helpful for SmartSecure: once people have seen first-hand how simple and effective our smart solutions are, it is much easier to convey its capabilities.”


Carl F Groupco had expanded its stand to 96 sq metres to include a larger number of hands on displays, hospitality and a hardware selector. The company has also secured a place for the 2019 show.


For more details on the FUHR multitronic 881 lock from SmartSecure, please click here.


For more information about the System 700 reversible gearing, click here.


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