Carl F Groupco Supplies Vent Solution to Support Scottish Regs

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The 5000EQA vent from Glazpart meets stringent building standards

Ventilation products are established lines in distributor Carl F Groupco’s hardware catalogue and the company provides a wide ranging product portfolio that meets comprehensive requirements and regulations. In line with this philosophy, the 5000EQA from the Glazpart Link Vent range of plastic injection moulded trickle ventilators was added to the company’s suite of solutions: the vent is a high performance product that meets stringent building standards requirements, including Scottish Building Regulations.

The 5000EQA, which was incorporated into Carl F Groupco’s ventilation solutions in March this year, offers one of the highest decibel ratings for non-acoustic vents and a capability of achieving higher performance, and improved EQA, on smaller vents.

With a dedicated distribution centre in Cumbernauld, Scotland is an important market for Carl F Groupco and the ability to meet local regs was a key part of the appeal of Glazpart’s ventilator range. Commenting on the importance of addressing country specific standards, John Mitchell, Carl F Groupco’s Technical Manager said:

“At Carl F Groupco we are focussed on making life easier for our customers: we like to take the pain out of hardware purchasing. As part of this ethos, we ensure that our products meet local standards –Glazpart’s 5000EQA is an excellent example of this as it supports The Building (Scotland) Regulations, which increased the required ventilation (EQA) for habitable rooms.”

Other ventilation solutions offered by Carl F Groupco include slot, frame and acoustic vents from leading manufacturers.