Carl F Groupco Hardware Report: Premier Products

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Clare Crockett, Marketing Manager, Carl F Groupco

In this report for Glass and Glazing products, Clare Crockett, Marketing Manager for Carl F Groupco highlights the fact that high end hardware has an increasingly important role to play in enhancing and differentiating the company’s range of window and door fittings.


“Premier products have strong design appeal and are extremely versatile: they also give leverage to fabricators to offer highly sophisticated products that add value to their range.


With a long-standing track record supplying hardware solutions, at Carl F Groupco we are adept at tailoring our portfolio to meet all needs. Regarding premier products, we offer a range of hardware solutions including SmartSecure, our 881 fully motorised multipoint door lock and smart access control brand. Other high end solutions featured in our catalogue are patio entrance hardware and products catering for the increasingly popular aluminium market.



Recognising the Smart Home technology revolution, Carl F Groupco’s high profile SmartSecure solutions replace the traditional key with a range of access control options. While SmartSecure is highly sophisticated, simplicity is at its heart with emphasis on ease of installation, straight forward adoption for fabricators and accessible support. 


‘SmartTouch’, which is a pioneering access system, enables entry with the simple touch of sensor: access is facilitated if an active, moving transponder is within range. Radio-based access control systems are also available including a radio keypad, transponder and fingerprint scanner for keyless biometric access control.


Three SmartSecure variants are available tailored for high end residential, commercial and communal doors – all utilise the same base hardware which enables fabricators to target multiple sectors with ease.


With property owners becoming more savvy with their home improvement investments, we believe that the ability to offer products like SmartSecure is instrumental in allowing fabricators to differentiate their offer from the competition.


FUHR Flexibility:

The FUHR multitronic 881 door lock at the heart of SmartSecure technology can be used with combinations of wiring and access control options to suit the differing requirements of the end user, from high end ‘grand design’ style domestic dwellings to a EN 1125 CE marked panic exit door on a commercial building.  As the standard preparation for the lock is the same for any style of door, with just minor adjustments for the associated hardware, fabricators have a valuable opportunity to supply doors to a wider market base.


As it is possible to achieve EN 179 and EN 1125 with both mechanical and electronic door locks within the FUHR range, the FUHR 881 electronic lock is a simple way to add a new revenue stream to a business. With little change to door preparation compared to the mechanical variant, these locks can be fitted along with panic bar and CES free movement cylinders offering complete packages where panic/emergency exit doors are required for commercial work and communal door entrances.


The multitronic 881 is also sold as a stand-alone product which provides a simple upgrade option for end users. With relatively little additional preparation work for the fabricator, the 881 gives the opportunity to sell high end doors with enhanced margin capabilities.


Speciality Sectors:

Other premier products offered include large patio entrance hardware such as lift and slide products. The HS Portal by Siegenia, for example, supports the growing market for stylish, wide span doors that extend the living area of homes to encompass the property’s outside space.


Aluminium is another expanding sector with durability, security and design aesthetics cited as key reasons for its appeal and we are supporting demand with complementary hardware. Ranges included in Carl F Groupco’s Aluminium Collection are the Roto/PN Uni for reversible window gearing, Siegenia ALU tilt & turn gearing and Cotswold Architectural Products’ friction & parallel stays. Products also cater for remote window control, emergency and panic exit / multipoint door locks plus folding sliding door, lift & slide, and tilt & slide hardware.


Having highlighted the significance and importance of premier products, it is important to emphasise that compiling a catalogue is all about balance – high end hardware has an essential part to play, but this should not be at the expense of mid-range or value fittings. All budgets need to be catered for and Carl F Groupco provides a full spectrum of options to meet the needs of all requirements.”


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