Carl F Groupco Hardware Heroes: SmartSecure

SmartSecure Keyless Locking

An article written for Clearview Magazine June 2019

In the latest Hardware Heroes report from Carl F Groupco, the established distributor puts SmartSecure into the spotlight. The launch of the brand in 2016 put Carl F Groupco at the forefront of electronic locking and access control in the fenestration industry and SmartSecure has proven highly successful with widespread appeal. 

Demand for the Smart technology includes high-end, design led applications where the sophisticated simplicity and aesthetic appeal of a keyless solution are a major part of its attraction. SmartSecure’s access control and monitoring capabilities are also popular, resulting in the Social Housing and Housing Association sectors being major growth markets. 

Put simply, if anyone wants to get Smart about entry or control of access to a residential or commercial property which are single or multiple occupancy, SmartSecure is a comprehensive solution. 

Commenting on the Smart tech initiative, Carl F Groupco’s Managing Director John Crittenden said:

“Established links with German lock manufacturer FUHR, extensive knowledge of hardware distribution gleaned over 50+ years and a focus on providing technical support meant we were ideally placed to spearhead SmartSecure.

“As Smart systems are adopted in other areas, electronic door locks and Smart access control are becoming an accepted and integral element of home technology: as a result, SmartSecure is going from strength to strength.”

At the heart of SmartSecure is the FUHR 881 electronically operated, multipoint door lock – accredited with Secured by Design, Smart access control options are provided plus automatic motorised locking and unlocking. A retrofit route is offered using Yale’s Smart locking handle with a Smartphone replacing the traditional key – the door’s existing design features remain intact and mobile keys, distributed via an app, provide access as required.

SmartSecure’s suite of access control options include SmartConnect, which facilitates keyless door opening and monitors access using a Smartphone app. Multiple users can be managed on the WLAN-based system, which can also allocate specific entry times.

SmartTouch, a second SmartSecure variant, operates with a small transponder in the vicinity of the door and a simple touch sensor which can be integrated into a pull handle.

Radio-based access control systems are also available including radio keypad, transponder and fingerprint scanner for keyless biometric access control.