Bolts out of the blue

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In this report for Glass Times, hardware supplier Carl F Groupco takes a look at some of the blue-sky thinking that is driving forward new lock technologies. While the company is convinced that many mind-sets are about to change regarding how we secure our home, it stresses that the part played by traditional key locking systems is set in our culture, and these products will continue in their popularity.

Carl F Groupco reports that standard mechanisms are the mainstay of a product portfolio and manufacturers such as FUHR are established providers to the company of locking systems that are the backbone of its hardware range. FUHR’s long standing relationship with Carl F Groupco dates back over 50 years. Engineered in Germany, the lock manufacturer’s high quality products are staple designs that are ‘future proofed’ - as such, they meet the needs of a range of security requirements.

One of the most popular, longstanding FUHR lines is the ‘856’ Type 3 PAS 24 and Secured by Design lever operated door lock for single hinged residential doors. The Type 3 meets a need for secure locking and this product will continue to be a flagship line in Carl F Groupco’s portfolio. Regardless of new innovations, staple lines that address security issues are set to remain in its product offer.

A recent significant introduction to Carl F Groupco’s portfolio is the new Ingenious multi-point lock Professional range.  Combining exceptional value for money and innovative engineering it is a significant contribution to the company’s comprehensive range of locking options. Ingenious door locks are available to suit standard residential doors for PVCu, French master and slave applications, plus options for composite and timber doors which feature no rollers and rounded end faceplates.

Looking to the importance of balancing a hardware portfolio to provide a practical and extensive mix of both traditional and more technological solutions, John Mitchell Technical Manager for Carl F Groupco reflects on the state-of-the-art SMART appeal of the FUHR 881 that is featured in its product offer:

“The features and functionality of the 881 ensure that the product is an attractive proposition for home owners and fabricators alike. A dual motor feature facilitates engagement of all locking points, including deadbolts, when a door is shut. Engagement is far more reliable than alternative products as FUHR applies a force of 400 Newtons whereas alternatives rely on gravity. For users seeking additional safety assurances, an optional panic function allows egress.

“Flexibility underpins FUHR’s 881 initiative and entry is gained by using one of a number of access control options: almost any device can be used including key fob, finger print recognition, key pad, intercom and motion sensor.

“With trademark German practicality, FUHR have provisioned to cater for power outages ensuring that access can still be achieved with a cylinder key at any time.

“With FUHR we see true blue-sky thinking that balances traditional lock mechanisms with advanced technology – a good example of this is the introduction of a Smart phone app for the 881 which, using encrypted signals to the home Wi-Fi hub, enables the monitoring of door locks using secure signals ………this pioneering development means doors can be remotely unlocked and approved third-party access can be given.”

Carl F Groupco confirms that we are witnessing a new era of exciting SMART system developments. However, for many of us, traditional key locking technology will continue to be preferred and both options are catered for in the company’s hardware catalogue.

Manufacturers represented by Carl F Groupco include Cotswold Architectural, FUHR, Fullex, Greenwood, Hoppe, Ingenious, Kenrick, MACO, PN, Siegenia, Strand and Trojan.